The Jesus Trilogy

Jesus Trilogy Cover


We are thrilled to make this first edition of the new Enjoying God New Testament available to you in several ebook formats.

The Jesus Trilogy presents:

1. The Gospels – All four records of Jesus’ earthly life harmonized into one continuous narrative.  All the stories.  All the conversations.  All the events.  Just as they happened in the first place.  Read the story of Jesus like you never have before.

2. Acts – According to its author, the unfinished (still-being-written) biography of the Church is simply the next stage of what Jesus is up to.  He is, after all, the one who said, “I will build My church . . .”  Again, read the drama the way it was first written -no verse/chapter interruptions, just real life happening in real time.

3. Revelation – The most neglected book of the New Testament (probably).  Certainly the most mysterious!  But it, too, is “the revelation of Jesus Christ!”  If your concept of Jesus ended after the resurrection, you need to hear “the rest of the story!”  Read it as though it was being “shown” at an IMAX theatre with two screens/stages -one above the other.  Read it through in one sitting as if you were watching a movie.  Don’t stop and analyze the characters or try to figure out the plot while it’s still playing!!

The Jesus Trilogy ebook is now exclusively available online at Amazon.  Kindle members can “borrow” it FREE!

ENJOY! and pass it on to a friend!